Media Mentions:

Vegas Rated Magazine:
“Modern Shamanism, A physical and spiritual journey that even a skeptic can love.” “Hop on the table for Goldberg, or an artisan specially trained by her, for a treatment based on KSTechnique.”
2014, pg 84 and 85

Vegas Review Journal / Health Section:
“The Soulful Journey treatment (based on KSTechnique) is designed especially for each client and can involve healing stones, harmonizing crystals, color light therapy, sounds, massage and other techniques to ease stress and promote realization.”
by Cheryl Smith, Health and Wellness Tourism Manager, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
November 4, 2013

New Beauty Spa:
“Wearing Sankaya Chakra Necklaces keep your energy centers balanced during the day.”
2013, pg 043

Spa Blog:
“Life-Changing Spa Experience at Qua Spa at Caesar’s Hotel in Las Vegas”
by Desiree Miller.
November 24, 2013

Vegas Magazine:
“Healthy Chakras.” Jordania Goldberg, creator of iPath, Inc., is quite the renaissance healer. So the Sankaya line of holistic products was a natural extension of her talents.”
Fall of 2014, pg. 150

Qua Spa on Soulful Journey by KSTechnique:
“An unparalleled approach to the healing arts, an exclusive treatment solely for you and solely at Qua Baths and Spa.”
Qua Baths and Spa treatment description portion.
*Part of the proceeds from Sankaya goes to support the Wright Organic Resource Center.

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