Reishi Spore Oil Restorative Pure and Reishi Spoil Oil Gel Caps help promote even skin tone, tighten, smooth texture, balance oil production and calm your skin.

This product is suitable to use by all skin types, especially photo-damaged, oily and mature ones.

These products are topically designed to act against imbalance and oxidative damage due to photo aging and pollution. Reishi Spore Oil has been used as an immune modulator and anti-aging agent in Asia for 2.000 years. It takes 1,000 kilograms of Reishi Body to produce 1 kilogram of Reishi Spores. It takes 1,000 kilograms of Reishi Spores to produce a few kilograms of Reishi Spore Oil. With over 400 bioactiv Reishi materials and essential nutrients, Reishi Spore Oil is said to be 70 times more potent than Reishi Body.

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