Kabbalah Chesed Necklace

Kabbalah Chesed Necklace


Experience the boundless love of Chesed. Allow it to envelope your life in ever flowing bliss!

Product Description

Chesed is the first of the sephiroth to exist in our dimension of time and space as part of Zer Anpin, the emotional attributes. It’s desire is simple: to give, give, give and then give some more. Allow this overflowing desire to release any obstacles to giving from your heart and soul. Remember for love to be truly unconditional it has to be balanced with receiving. Chesed only gives.
Attributes: Love, desire, hospitality, water, blue, desire to give.
Each of our necklaces is hand made by a Sankaya artisan, then cleansed in one of our geodes. No two necklaces are exactly alike. They do follow similar patterns and contain the same or similar crystals. The are made with love, creativity and genuine care. Feel free to let us know of any preferences you may have when ordering.


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