Kabbalah Gevurah Necklace

Kabbalah Gevurah Necklace


Learn to discern the world around and within you that you may find balance and peace!

Product Description

When in balance, Gevurah receives the overflowing love of Chesed and uses its judgement to discern how to distribute it, digest it and utilize it in a way that benifits the whole. This blend of love and restriction is what true unconditional love looks like in this world. Allow the boundaries of Gevurah to create a fire from which to form a life of purpose that can truly transform you and those around you.
Attributes: Judgement, discernment, objectivity, fire, red, personal boundaries.
Contains: Garnet, Smokey Quartz, Red Coral, Red Agate.
Each of our necklaces is hand made by a Sankaya artisan, then cleansed in one of our geodes. No two necklaces are exactly alike. They do follow similar patterns and contain the same or similar crystals. The are made with love, creativity and genuine care. Feel free to let us know of any preferences you may have when ordering.


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