Kabbalah Tipheret Necklace

Kabbalah Tipheret Necklace


Unite with your powerful and joyous self!

Product Description

When in balance, Tipheret is our still point, the center of our core. It’s color is yellow but is tinged with all of the other colors and elements as it mirrors who we are in this world. It is our central sense of self, of personal power. It’s glorious light can shine like the sun – our many suns of light united. Allow the centered still point of Tipheret to help you stand in who you are as you traverse your path in this world. The greatest strength is in vulnerability – breath into the center space of your true self and embrace all that is you.
Attributes: Beauty, balance, stillness, air, yellow, sense of self.
Contains: Citrine, Sunstone, Yellow Amber, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz.
Each of our necklaces is hand made by a Sankaya artisan, then cleansed in one of our geodes. No two necklaces are exactly alike. They do follow similar patterns and contain the same or similar crystals. The are made with love, creativity and genuine care. Feel free to let us know of any preferences you may have when ordering.


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