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Tri-Crystal Body Scrub


Feel renewed with Tri-Crystal Body Scrub.

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Product Description

Tri-Crystal body Scrub is A Luxurious Body Scrub to Nurture and Renew Skin * Body & Mind WHAT IT DOES
A balancing, uplifting, exfoliating and moisturizing blend for your skin. Our Tri-Crystal Body Scrub helps keep your skin smooth, moisturized and supple. WHO
Skin conditioning. Exfoliation. Great for all dosha types. AT HOME CARE
* Exfoliating
* For best results, wet skin in shower or bath, turn water off and apply scrub to skin using small circular stokes. Rinse. Leaves skin smooth and moisturized.
* Aroma of Tangerine and Sandalwood is wonderfully balancing.
Ingredients: Coconut Sugar, Raw Sugar, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Clear Quartz Crystal, Balancing
Organic Coconut and Raw Sugar – Exfoliating. The grain is perfect for mechanical exfoliation, while the natural Glycolic creates even greater smoothness.
Coconut Oil – Moisturizing, so much like our natural skin so it is better able to help bring it back to balance.
Vitamin E – Moisturizing, Protective
Clear Quartz Crystal – Good for all Doshas, especially the Vata Dosha.


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