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Vata Essence Spray


Help sooth and calm the Vata Dosha with this traditional blend of essential oils and semi-precious gem.

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Product Description

Vata combines the elements of aether and air. It is quick, changeable and creative. When Vata is in balance a feeling of energetic enthusiasm and creative vitality are at play while the mind remains calm, active, clear and alert. When out of balance, Vata is erratic and nervous.
Spray Vata Essence around a room or on you body a few times per day to help balance the vats dosha.
Other things that help maintain balance for vata: stay warm, have a regular routine and remain calm. Various herbs and oils, such as those found in this product, Vata Essential Oil Blend, Vata Body and Tri-Doshic Hair Oil can also help.
Ingredients: Crystalized Water, White Lotus Absolute, Lavender Essential Oil, Rose Absolute, Orange Essential Oil, Clear Quartz Crystal Bead.
Contraindications: Avoid eyes and any sensitive areas. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or have any medical concerns please consult your heal care provider.Harmonizing, Relaxing, Calming, Warming, Great for Nervous System Essential Oils: Rose, Lotus, Lavender, Vetiver
Rose: high vibration, intoxicating, brings balance, harmony and sense of wellbeing. Excellent for dry skin
Lotus: Balancing, strengthens mind/body/spirit connection
Bergamot: Uplifting, antioxidant
Lavender: Versatile oil. Stress reliever, balancing, soothing, cleansing
Clear Quartz Bead: quartz. Allow those rays to flow and help heal every aspect of Self Remembered.


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